About Us

Juma Skate Company started out as a project to make the best riding trucks possible. Over the course of 5 years, with input from professional skaters, and technical development, it turned into one of the most stable and precise trucks out there - designed and developed in the USA.

Ackermann Steering

Steering linkages enable the ultimate in adjustability. Slip angle can be controlled by independent control arms and an adjustable scrub radius. Turn-in response can be tuned through fully adjustable toe.


A 3x reduction in bumpsteer provides greater stability over rough pavement. Individual control arms position the steering axis closer to the wheel, reducing vibration caused by gravel and other road imperfections.

Mechanical- Trail

High-speed stability is greatly improved by positioning the wheel contact-patch aft of the steering axis. Conventional and RKP trucks do not achieve this on the front truck, which encourages oscillation at speed. Riders can damp this motion, however, greater stability enhances the riding experience.

Juma Skate Products

aerospace grade materials

self-lubricating adjustable steering

adjustable steering weight

calculator app

Use the app, along with a ruler, to determine your toe angle, and adjust accordingly. Requires measuring wheel diameter, and track width at the front and rear of the wheels. Permits infinite adjustability.

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toe alignment templates

Use one of the templates, along with a ruler, or string, to set desired toe value on your trucks. This method doesn't require any measurements!

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Quick Adjustments

Type 200 Trucks are tuned at the factory, and they're ready to ride right out of the box.

Adjustments can be made with our custom wrench, which is included with every truck.

You can use the provided tool to setup your trucks for better braking (for ESK8 setups), increased high-speed stability, and better turn-in response.